Addressing tobacco use in our society

Quit Smoking Advice

Allen Carr, a British man who was able to quit smoking and help others to do the same, offers advice to help smokers quit: [Read the rest of this entry...]

Smokeless Tobacco is not Safe Tobacco

Oregon’s Senator Jeff Merkley speaks about legislation that would regulate tobacco for the first time ever and address a nefarious new product being marketed to children: tobacco candy: [Read the rest of this entry...]

More on 3rd-Hand Smoke

From WebMD:

Tobacco smoke residue lurking in carpets, upholstered furniture, and on other everyday surfaces can react with common chemicals in indoor air to form cancer-causing substances, according to a new study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Tobacco smoke residue on everyday surfaces has recently been dubbed “thirdhand” smoke. Researchers say their findings further demonstrate that exposure to thirdhand smoke is a potential long-term health hazard. It is especially concerning for infants and toddlers, who tend to have more frequent contact with the contaminated surfaces when crawling and playing.

Read the full article here.

Angry Smoker Arrested for Setting No Smoking Sign on Fire

As reported, Medford, Oregon police said a man set a “No Smoking” sign on fire after being repeatedly told he could not light up inside a nightclub. The man was charged with reckless burning and disorderly conduct. The Web site for the Jackson County Jail said the 44-year-old remains behind bars on $6,000 bail.

Teenage Girls Who Smoke More Likely to be Obese as Adults

Remember the cool girls, huddled together in high school restrooms, puffing their cigarettes? Well, here’s consolation for the nerds in the crowd: Those teen smokers are more likely to experience obesity as adults, according to a new study.

Girls who smoke 10 cigarettes per day or more are at greatest risk, particularly for abdominal obesity. Their waist sizes are 1.34 inches larger than nonsmokers’ waists are as young adults, according to the study in the February 2009 issue of the American Journal of Public Health.

Third Hand Smoke

The New York Times ran an excellent article discussing the problem of Third Hand Smoke: [Read the rest of this entry...]

The CDC on Children and Secondhand Smoke Exposure

The CDC released the following statement, reemphasizing the fact that secondhand smoke is a danger to children: [Read the rest of this entry...]

The Selfishness of Smoking Near Children

One of my biggest reasons for being so opposed to tobacco use is the way that smokers selfishly put their desire to smoke ahead of the health and safety of their children: [Read the rest of this entry...]

Smoking While Pregnant Causes Over 18,000 Miscarriages Each Year

Smoking While Pregnant Causes Over 18,000 Miscarriages Each Year: [Read the rest of this entry...]

Gangrene Anti-Smoking TV Commercial

An Australian TV commercial depicting one of the less known dangers of smoking: Gangrene. [Read the rest of this entry...]